step pulley for Machine Tools

Step Pulley for Machine Tools

Step Pulley for Machine Tools

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Why Do We Use Stepped Pulley?

  • Provides different speed ratios
  • Adjustable speed range
  • Reduces energy consumption

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What is a Stepped Cone Pulley Used For?

A stepped cone pulley is mainly used in machine tools for transmitting power from the motor to the spindle. It provides varying speeds and torque to the machine tool depending on the selected pulley diameter.

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What are the Three Types of Pulley?

  • Fixed pulley
  • Movable pulley
  • Compound pulley

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How to Choose or Customized Suitable Step Pulley?

  • Maximum and minimum speed requirements
  • Power requirements
  • Material and surface treatment
  • Installation dimensions and compatibility with machine tools

Why Choose HZPT for Step Pulley for Machine Tools?

  • High-quality raw materials
  • The selection of high-quality raw materials ensures the durability and reliability of our step pulleys.

  • Strict quality control
  • We have a complete quality control system to ensure that each step pulley we produce meets high standards.

  • Customization
  • We can customize step pulleys according to the specific requirements of our customers, including dimensions, materials, and surface treatment.

  • Competitive prices
  • We offer competitive prices for our step pulleys without compromising quality.

  • Professional services
  • Our team is dedicated to providing professional and timely services to our customers, from product selection to after-sales support.

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